How do I give up gluten?

Starting a gluten-free diet, or “going gluten-free” is a big decision. Our step-by-step guide will help you make a good start… We suggest you start this process the day before you usually do your grocery shopping.

  1. Read our gluten-free foods list and foods that contain gluten list.
  2. Place a large cardboard box on the floor beside you.
  3. Take every food and drink product out of your cupboard. Read every label. Understanding food labels will help.
  4. Every item that has the gluten-free symbol on it can go straight back into the cupboard.
  5. Any item containing wheat, barley, or rye goes immediately into the cardboard box on the floor.
  6. Check all the remaining products against the lists you read in step 1.
  7. If a product any glutenous ingredients place it in the box. Otherwise, it can be returned to the cupboard.
  8. Repeat steps 3-7 for every food cupboard, as well as your fridge and freezer.
  9. When you are finished, donate the contents of the cardboard box to a friend or local charity. If you live with someone who is not gluten-free, give the box to them.
  10. Clean your kitchen thoroughly. How to Make Your Home Gluten-Free has lots of advice on removing all traces of gluten in your home.
  11. Get a pen and paper and write out a shopping list. If you’ve thrown out several packs of pasta replace them with a pack of gluten-free pasta. This “like  for like” policy is a good idea in the beginning to prevent your routine being disrupted. The list will  help you avoid being overwhelmed in the supermarket.
  12. Check out this week’s special offers when you’re writing your list.
  13. Take your shopping list to your local supermarket, not the health food shop. A health food shop is too confusing for a GF newbie.
  14. If you do go to a health food shop, read our Grain Finder to help you tell your  spelt from your sorghum.

Congratulations on taking control of your health!

If you have comments/questions, please get in touch.