Special Offers on Gluten-Free Food in the UK!

Updated Saturday 20/4/2019

Some of these offers may not be available in every branch. Please check your local store for details.

We are not associated with any of the companies listed. This information is supplied in good faith, for your convenience.

Asda has special offers on selected products from the following brands…

Amy’s Kitchen
Asda Extra Special sausages & Butcher’s Selection burgers
Asda Free From Tutti Frutti fairy cakes, G.F. Pizza kit & Llama biscuit kit
Better Body Foods PB Fit peanut butter powder
Brewdog Vagabond GF Pale Ale
Creative Nature banana bread mix, brownie mix, flapjacks & protein bars
Eat Natural bars
Eat Water Slim Noodles & Slim Rice
Food Heaven Heavenly Whipped Cream Alternative
Fullgreen Cauli Rice with broccoli
Genius GF wraps, frozen pastry
Granovita pates
Heck sausages
Helen’s dessert crumble mix
King Soba noodles
Nature Valley protein bars
Peroni Nastro Azzurro GF lager
Prewetts flaxseed
Quaker Oat So Simple original porridge
Schar pizza, cream crackers, grissini, pretzels, sweet brioche rolls & mini baguettes
The Real Yorkshire Pudding Co.

See the full range of gluten-free food Asda offer.


Aldi have a surprisingly good range of gluten-free products, their “Has No” range. They also stock a wide variety of gluten-free foods.


Holland & Barrett have a variety of special offers this week …

Deliciously Ella energy balls
Eat Real chips
High5 Energy Gels & Zero Berry
Loving Earth chocolate bars
Nakd bars
Peppersmith peppermint chewing gum& mints
PPB Powdered Peanut Butter
Pukka teabags
Sweet Freedom liquid chocolate
Tiana coconut range
Trek bars

Check out the full range of gluten-free food Holland and Barrett has in stock.


Iceland have special offers on…

Bird’s Eye original Alphabites
McCain frozen chips
Iceland own brand ice cream tubs (vanilla, caramel swirl & triple chocolate flavours)

To see the full range of gluten free food Iceland offer, check here.

Find out if Iceland deliver to your area, click here.


Lidl have a small range of gluten-free foods but many of their other products are also gluten-free. Everything is clearly labelled, so take a look,  you may be surprised!


Marks and Spencer have a wide range of ready to heat food, and quite a lot of it is gluten-free. Their in-store bakeries also include a wonderful selection of gluten-free breads and cakes. Not all of their stores carry the entire range, so check here for details of your local store.

M & S currently have special offers on a selection of wine, and other alcoholic drinks. Check here for more information on gluten in alcohol.

Morrisons have special deals on selected products from…

Amy’s Kitchen soups
organic flavoured milk drinks
Bannisters Farm
Little Jacket Potatoes
Vagabond GF Pale Ale
BBQ sauces
Dr Oetker
chocolate bars & baking ingredients
muffins, cupcakes, crumpets & breads
Spinach and Pine Nut Bites
beans, salad cream, ketchups, & soups
stock pots & stock cubes
Lancashire Farm
Morrisons own brand
beef kebabs & pepper beef grillsteaks & “The Best” burgers & sausages
Chocoful GF biscuits
Samai Plantain
Shaken Udder
Yeo Valley

Click here to see the full range of gluten-free food Morrisons offer.

Sainsburys currently have special offers on selected products from…

Bear Yo Yos
Bird’s Eye Potato Waffles
Bounce Energy Balls
Freedom Mallows
Great Food falafel etc
Heck! 97% pork sausages
Hippeas organic chickpea puffs
Kabuto Rice Noodles
Kallo rice cakes
Knorr stock cubes & stock pots
Magnum ice creams
McCain ready baked Jacket Potatoes
MOMA porridge pots
Nielsen-Massey flavour extracts
Ocean Spray wholeberry cranberry sauce
Patak’s cooking sauces
Pieminister pies
Quorn fillets, mince & roast
Simply Delicious organic mayonnaise
The Coconut Collaborative frozen yogurt
The Jolly Hog Proper Porker sausages
Tyrrells crisps
Wellaby’s Olive and Hummus chips
Yutaka organic Tamari soy sauce

If you prefer to shop online, click to see the full range of Sainsbury’s gluten-free foods.


Tesco has deals on selected products from…

Cornetto GF Vanilla soy ice cream cones (4 pack)
Eat Natural bars
Livia’s Kitchen biscuit bites
Munchy Seeds
Nairns biscuits
Primal Pantry bars
Pulsin brownies
Tesco Free From ready meals* (*Read labels carefully), GF sandwiches and GF Margherita Pizza
Tesco own brand party foods (Jalapeno Peppers with Cream Cheese, Tomato and Mozzarella Sticks)
Wild Trail bars

If you prefer to shop online, check out Tesco’s gluten-free foods.


Waitrose has special offers on selected items from…

Biomel dairy free probiotic yogurts
Bounce protein balls
Deliciously Ella bars & granola
Linwoods flaxseed & shelled hemp
MOMA muesli
Nakd bars
Pizza Express GF American Pepperoni pizza
Quaker Oat So Simple porridge sachets
The Coconut Collaborative yogurt alternative
The White Rabbit vegan pizzas
Tracklements fresh chilli jam
Waitrose own brand GF Cod Fishcakes
Zest vegan pesto, sun-dried tomato paste

Check out the full range of gluten free food Waitrose offer


Goodness Direct is always worth a look if you prefer to shop online. They offer free delivery on orders over £35.

Click here to see what they have to offer.


The Gluten-Free Shop has an interesting range of gluten-free food and GF beer. They also sell gift vouchers so you can treat a friend! Take a look at their online store to see their full range.


Healthy Supplies has good range of products for special diets. Free delivery on orders over £50. NOTE they also stock non gluten-free products, but their site makes it easy to narrow your search to gluten-free items. Click here to check out their gluten-free foods .


Gluten Free Foods has a wide range of Barkat products. They currently have special offers on a selection of items. Delivery is free on orders over £25. Click here to see the full gluten-free range.


Naturally Good Food offers a wide range of gluten-free food. NOTE they also stock some gluten-containing products. But it’s easy to limit your search to gluten-free items. There is also a selection of eco-friendly cleaning supplies, pet food and household products. Click here for their  wide range of gluten-free food. To bulk buy gluten-free food, click here.