Which foods contain gluten?

  • Wheat. All forms, including;

  • Bulgur wheat,
  • Couscous,
  • Cracked Wheat,
  • Durum (often used to make pasta),noodles-1925180_640

Durum wheat is traditionally used to make pasta. But gluten-free pasta is widely available.


  • Einkorn,
  • Farina,
  • Faro ( also known as Emmer),
  • Fu (common in Asian food),noodles-1209586_640



Noodles can be made from either wheat or rice, always check the packet.

Soy sauce contains gluten, use Tamari sauce instead.

  • Gliadin,
  • Graham flour,
  • Kamut (Khorasan wheat),
  • Matzo,
  • Semolina,
  • Spelt (also known as Dinkel).
  • Barley.beer-2439237_640 Including Malted Barley which is also used in brewing. There are several brands of gluten free beer available nowadays.
  • Rye
  • Triticale, a hybrid of wheat and rye
  • MIR., another hybrid of wheat and rye
  • Seitan, made from wheat
  • Soy sauce (brewed from wheat). Choose Tamari sauce instead.
  • Vinegar, if not labelled as gluten-free. Can be distilled from wheat or barley. Choose Rice Vinegar, Apple Cider or Balsamic Vinegars instead.
  • Gluten can be listed as an ingredient in different forms in many products including; broths, soups, salad dressings and many common seasonings and spice mixes.
  • Maltodextrin. A common ingredient. May be made from starch of wheat, corn, potatoes or rice. Unless the label specifies “gluten-free” this may not be safe.
  • Oats. These can be contaminated during the milling process or even if grown near to glutenous grains. Again, read the label to ensure these are gluten-free.red-wine-2443699_640
  • There can also be gluten in alcohol